A small, but perfectly formed, team of designers,

developers and creatives. We craft websites, brands

and a variety of collateral for some marvelous clients.

We love what we do and we’re good at it. It’s not just about picking a pretty colour, or font, aligning some blocks or sticking to rule of third. We will discover the true message of your brand, squeezing out every bit of its potential to deliver a design masterpiece. To us, something is only beautiful & creative if it serves a purpose and solves a problem.

We work slightly differently to a lot of companies, we like to become part of your business or project, pseudo board members if you like. We’re in it to make your idea work, if you succeed we succeed. It’s this approach that makes our clients happy, we dig as deep as we can to find out exactly what you need and where to implement it.


Discover. Understand the situation.

Delivering work that works starts with investing time upfront to understand the context of your business, the purpose of your brief, and the nature of your audience.

Strategise. Chart the course.

We help you map out the strategy and plan for your project, along with the milestones and key performance indicators that help us track success.

Create. Bring the experience to life.

Our creative technology team work to translate your strategy into engaging experiences that generate positive conversations.

Involve. Converse. Enhance. Amplify.

We reach out to your audience to grow your brand’s community, and monitor it for ways we can create even better experiences.

Brainstorming & Strategy

When starting a design process, (especially a website) planning is a key phase and often overlooked by many web design agencies and businesses alike; but Namastec will guide you through and take care of the process.

Web Design

Now it is time for all of the planning to come to life. Each project is a real team effort and our UX (user experience) experts will team up with our front end developers and project managers to fit all pieces of the jigsaw together.


Our developers and front end team will work together to optimise every bit of code and script to create a speedy, slick website that will look great on any device. Once tested across different operating systems and browsers, we normally integrate into a Content Management System..


Going live is just the first phase and on-going analysis and improvement is a must for any successful website. Namastec will manage user testing, carry out A/B testing, analyse your traffic and measure marketing campaigns. This is how we take your website to the next level, again and again.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders

Nischal Tiwari


Kundan Dhakal


Priti Sharma Tiwari

Civil Engineer

Mohammad Ali Ashique

Senior Developer